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There's no sanity.
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*Le Gasp* Sok! It's para from AC! Um... yeah. May I friend you? =D

By the way, I'm a little bit lazy with my journal layout so it's one of the defaults. My profile is also a little blank -_- But... I'm adding you, okay?


It's ok to friend me. =D

Um hi.

This is Kuroda from Talesforum; I don't think I've ever talked to you but I've seen you post and you seem like a fun person. :') Plus we have like a million (and by that I mean around 10) mutual friends here on LJ.

Mind if I add you as a friend?


I don't mind. Friends are always nice.

Love the Finland icon btw.

Hello, may I add you as a friend? I stumbled in here through the Tales of Vesperia community and if it isn't too much to ask, may you provide links to Japanese artists' sites that specialize in TOV Flynn/Yuri fanarts? I've managed to find one in which the owner's name is Stephanie, but that is all. =( I do hope that you can help me as I am unable to read Japanese. Thx in advance


Sorry, I can't really help you there. Try looking through Pixiv.

Hello! C:

I saw some of your icons so I decided to take a look at your profile and noticed we have a lot of interest in common... look at all that bold @_@

Tales/Persona/Fire Emblem/BATEN KAITOS

also, YES tales of rebirth ♥


8D Common interests are nice! And yay someone else who likes ToR~ <3


'ello! Might I friend you, if it's alright? I'd love to have another Tales fan on my f-list. ♥

Ciao. Having Tales fans on my f-list is always nice, so sure! <3

Umm, hi. We never really talked before (except on MSN, maybe? The convo with hina_icons we had just before, are you the one who will be the other Tales stamping comm mod? :D)

We seem to have some common interests and two mutual friends. Mind if I add you? C:

Yeah, that's me.


Hi! ^__^ This is just starlightfairy2 from the Hetalia friending meme just letting you know I've officially commented to friend you and all, k? :D

Aha, hi hi ; We've never really spoken before-- I just keep seeing your postins' in other communities (and your pretty icons!) so I looked at your profile likeacreeperorz.

Friend add, maybe?


Sure, you can add me.

Edited at 2010-05-23 07:26 pm (UTC)

buongiorno! i just noticed that we have a bunch of shared interests/communities/fandoms and have a few mutual friends, so i'm wondering if it'd be cool to friend you? :D ♥

HAAAAAALLO. Sure, I'd love to be friends.

This is the Nomad!Hungary cosplayer from ai-kon~ I'm leaving a comment to tell you that I'm adding you, ohohoho~ <3 ^^

(Deleted comment)
Godthatissocute. *Hugs sheep*

Host of the Winnipeg Hetalia day here, just reminding you we have an update post. :3

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Sorry I won't be able to make it.

heyo. followed here from your icon comm. You have amazing fandoms and taste in music. Can we be friends?? ಥ__ಥ

Hello~ Mind if I add you everywhere on plurk, twitter, tumblr and facebook?

I mean, hi, it's Miru ; q ;

Do you really have a NZ fetish? and are you a kiwi? cause I am =D

Yes, yes I do.

Nah, I'm a Canuk. :/


What do you like about NZ so much?
and did you riot recently? lol

It's kinda hard to explain, I just like it a lot.


aww well we like Canuks here xD

hi, jw do you have a graphics comm or something because i've seen some really cute icons that were credited with your name but couldn't find any info as to where to actually find them

Are you still around? I noticed you had some icons but they were under a locked post...

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