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yo, hi, sup, ciao, hé

Call me Dei or Sam. I don't know why you'd want to know anything about me, but if for some odd reason you do, well here you go.

Age: 20

Birthday: August 22nd

Location: Canada

Gender: Male

Height: 177cm

Mobile #: Ask for it, may or maynot give it to you

Hobbies: Art, history, football, video games, anime(kinda), Japanese dramas, crappy BL manga, kawaii yuri manga, sleeping

Current bias.

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oh, can I add you to twitter and MSN?~ ^^ I'm gummylime on twitter; I'll direct message you my MSN address 8D


Sure. Feel free to add me where ever.

sweet! thanks~

*adds to her salad*



What kinda of salad is it? I do loves salads.

You like Warsaw? Seriously? :D It's the capital of my country lol Finally someone like it yay, and I love listening to Monkey Majik too. By the by, are you a vegetarian?

I loooooooove Warsaw, even though I've never been there. Hopefully going to Poland next summer.

Nah, not a vegetarian. I just really dislike meat. I was vegan for a bit but my body couldn't handle it

I still can't believe it :D You made my day. Warsaw is cool, it's the biggest city after all. Hope you visit us someday, that would be awesome :)

I see! I just thought I found myself a fellow vegetarian. But I understand. It's tough sometimes :/ Especially that I used to be pescetarian and I still love eating fishes lol

Ahaha, blame my internet daughter since she lives there and we like making weird jokes about it.

Yeah, my mum seriously didn't like the "no animal products" thing. Ack I could never be a pescetarian since I don't eat fish

What's so funny in Warsaw? XD The only thing I have in my mind are people lol Including politics and media (did you hear about the legendary cross fight?)

I've been there D: Granny was always fighting with me over that. My mother is always neutral to anything what I do... amazingly. aw that's pretty bad but there are tons of other vege-kinds that I am sure you'd find something for yourself.

Edited at 2011-06-20 07:20 am (UTC)

It's apparently secretly Inaba.

lol and finding out I'm vitamin D deficient didn't help either. I hope so XD

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