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smt • basara • tales of • marvel • kamen rider


•Tales of Series
•Sengoku Basara

•Baten Kaitos
•Devil Survivor
•Devil Summoner
•Shin Megami Tensei
•Strange Journey
•Fire Emblem
•Assassin's Creed
•Mass Effect
•Dragon Age
•Samurai Warriors
•Rune Factory
•Ace Attorney
•Ys series
•Kingdom Hearts
•Star Ocean
•Eternal Sonata
•Inazuma Eleven


•Teen Wolf
•Doctor Who
•Kamen Rider
•Ultimate Spider-Man
•Young Justice
•Tiger & Bunny
•Giant Killing
•Big Windup!
•BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad


•Young Avengers

•Avengers Academy
•Ultimate Comics Spider-Man
•Astonishing X-Men
•Alpha Flight
•Power Man&Iron Fist
•Blue Beetle

•Teen Titans
•Birds of Prey
•Green Lantern

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OHOHO *is kinda really curious about Loni/Kyle for some reason, lol* Why is there no fanart on pixiv

*approves of Innes/Beryl*

Also Aneki/Kurea sounds awesome and would be epic if only to see Veigue and TYtree's FACES

Loni/Kyle is freaking adorable. All the stuff in the game made me end up shipping it so hard.

Tytree would turn the world into a forest.

Fffff I want to play that game.
Should steal one of Kurusu's. He's got two.

He would. And then Mao would have to burn it all down.

Someone else who ships Raine/Colette ;-; ♥ /highfives

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