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There's no sanity.
Comment to be added.


*Le Gasp* Sok! It's para from AC! Um... yeah. May I friend you? =D

By the way, I'm a little bit lazy with my journal layout so it's one of the defaults. My profile is also a little blank -_- But... I'm adding you, okay?


It's ok to friend me. =D

Um hi.

This is Kuroda from Talesforum; I don't think I've ever talked to you but I've seen you post and you seem like a fun person. :') Plus we have like a million (and by that I mean around 10) mutual friends here on LJ.

Mind if I add you as a friend?


I don't mind. Friends are always nice.

Love the Finland icon btw.

Hello, may I add you as a friend? I stumbled in here through the Tales of Vesperia community and if it isn't too much to ask, may you provide links to Japanese artists' sites that specialize in TOV Flynn/Yuri fanarts? I've managed to find one in which the owner's name is Stephanie, but that is all. =( I do hope that you can help me as I am unable to read Japanese. Thx in advance


Sorry, I can't really help you there. Try looking through Pixiv.

Hello! C:

I saw some of your icons so I decided to take a look at your profile and noticed we have a lot of interest in common... look at all that bold @_@

Tales/Persona/Fire Emblem/BATEN KAITOS

also, YES tales of rebirth ♥


8D Common interests are nice! And yay someone else who likes ToR~ <3


'ello! Might I friend you, if it's alright? I'd love to have another Tales fan on my f-list. ♥

Ciao. Having Tales fans on my f-list is always nice, so sure! <3

Umm, hi. We never really talked before (except on MSN, maybe? The convo with hina_icons we had just before, are you the one who will be the other Tales stamping comm mod? :D)

We seem to have some common interests and two mutual friends. Mind if I add you? C:

Yeah, that's me.


Hi! ^__^ This is just starlightfairy2 from the Hetalia friending meme just letting you know I've officially commented to friend you and all, k? :D

Aha, hi hi ; We've never really spoken before-- I just keep seeing your postins' in other communities (and your pretty icons!) so I looked at your profile likeacreeperorz.

Friend add, maybe?


Sure, you can add me.

Edited at 2010-05-23 07:26 pm (UTC)

buongiorno! i just noticed that we have a bunch of shared interests/communities/fandoms and have a few mutual friends, so i'm wondering if it'd be cool to friend you? :D ♥

HAAAAAALLO. Sure, I'd love to be friends.

This is the Nomad!Hungary cosplayer from ai-kon~ I'm leaving a comment to tell you that I'm adding you, ohohoho~ <3 ^^

(Deleted comment)
Godthatissocute. *Hugs sheep*

Host of the Winnipeg Hetalia day here, just reminding you we have an update post. :3

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Sorry I won't be able to make it.

heyo. followed here from your icon comm. You have amazing fandoms and taste in music. Can we be friends?? ಥ__ಥ

Hello~ Mind if I add you everywhere on plurk, twitter, tumblr and facebook?

I mean, hi, it's Miru ; q ;


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